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02-26-2013, 07:51 AM
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Originally Posted by guyincognito View Post
This gets sillier and sillier. First I thought they wanted to develop playoff rivalries. Now it's being reported that there's going to be a global crossover in the first round?

That can't be right at all. I could see a regional crossover, but if they have a situation where they could cross over Calgary or Los Angeles into the "Atlantic" Division in the first round, it's pretty much selling a line of ****.
The way I interpreted the latest info was that out of the 18 non-automatic qualifying teams, the 4 with the most points would make the playoffs. From there, I would assume that the league would put each team in their own conference's 4-team playoffs where possible. You would end up with an odd match-up every once and a while but I don't think it would be as drastic or as complex as some here are making it seem.

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