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02-26-2013, 08:08 AM
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How do the Devils get to make that decision? Not as if the Devils and the NJSEA are on good terms since the Devils left Brendan Byrne.

But yes, Giants stadium would be the best venue. Larger, better set-up for hockey. Another great spot would be Miche Stadium at West Point, but the capacity is only ~45K.

The real issue with Rangers-Devils is NBC. When talk was Rangers-Isles at either Yankee, Shea, New Yankee, or New Shea, NBC objected. They supposedly wanted 2 different markets represented. They feared there wouldn't be much interest outside of the NY metro area. Which is why Rangers-Bruins has surfaced as a possibility. Only way I could see the Devils being in the WC is if they ever had a huge marquee player, and I mean top 2-3 in the league in terms of names. So, the next Crosby, Ovechkin.
huh? vagiants stadium is a parking lot. It's Metlife Stadium now.

Rangers-Bruins have no real rivalry, and Boston has already played the Winter Classic. NJ and NYR just played in an intense ECF and have a rivalry. It makes the most sense. Plus with all the NY and NJ transplants across the country, I think there will be plenty of interest outside the area.

If Vanderbeek said that no Winter Classic happens in NJ without the Devils...well that is kinda strange but perhaps he's greased the palms of some NJSEA folks

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