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02-26-2013, 08:14 AM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
I cannot believe that the League would allow what happened tonight.

This is not a homer thread where I am whining that the Canadiens were ripped off. No, this is a thread wondering how those two referees should still have a job after this game.

Penalties were ignored all game long. On the Senators and on the Canadiens. Both goalies were knocked over with no call. There were crosschecks, trips, hooking, roughing ignored....for both sides.

And then came the end of the game when penalties were called.

This game was a joke. I love to watch other sports like baseball and football. I have never seen a game where an umpire changes his strike zone toward the end of the game. I have not seen an umpire intentionally call a player safe when he was out by a mile.

In football, the refs occasionally ignore the holding calls. But they tend to call the game by the rules.

But not in the NHL. Games like this will portray this sport that I love as a sham. WWE wrestling, roller derby or professional boxing.

Sad day for the sport. Especially knowing that these two idiots will be out on the ice tomorrow or the next day.
Well said and I'll add that IMO, the refs are instructed on how to call games by the league. It is corrupt. Proof of that can be seen in almost all games played. It is a joke and compared to other sports, yes, a "sham". The NHL will never have credibility in the US. Canadian fans will support hockey no matter what. Lots of change is needed in many aspects of the game. Never happen if the stands are full.

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