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02-26-2013, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Barry Dylan View Post
You honestly believe everything Sony says don't you? Your used games include ones you've purchased on PSN.

They've promised services before that they still haven't come through on. I doubt the back library will ever be available through the cloud or the vita would be able to play PSP games. PS4 via remote play? Wasn't that supposed to work with the PSP? The cloud services will be "rolled out in stages" wonder how long that will take.

Lets not forget Gaikai, the military can barely do what Sony wants to do with Gaikai. Or if the supposed specs are true Sony is going to have to take a bath on the console. There will most likely be a massive supply shortage of DDR5 if they actually keep that much ram in it when it ships.

Practically speaking the 720 should be around 10-20% less powerful than the PS4. The processor will be significantly more powerful on the nextbox. The audio processor on the xbox can handle over 1000 concurrent mp3 streams at the same time which is insane.

None of this is confirmed though. Wouldn't surprise me if either company yanked features/hardware.
I believe Sony has learned not to screw with their customers anymore. They didnt lie about much of anything on the PS1 or PS2, and I think they learned their lesson with the PS3, so yea, I have no reason not to believe what they say.

Obviously PSN technically counts as used games, but we are not dicussing that when we generally talk about the used game market. That generally refers to trade ins and such at places like GameStop and I believe Sony understands that used games days are numbered anyways thanks to digital growth, so why push something towards the cliff when its already heading there?

The vita already plays PSP games btw. As for remote play, it worked okay between the PS3 and PSP, and I enjoyed playing some PS3 games on the PSP. Was it perfect? Nope. But I believe the tech is there to be refined into something that can work as Sony says it does.

Sony has always sold hardware a loss when its first released, this will be no different. I wouldn't worry about a DDR5 shortage either, Sony has been going with this type of RAM for months, and they only changed the amount, which really should not be an issue to produce enough for launch by November. Will there be shortages? Yup, but that's pretty normal for consoles (Wii U not included.)

All indications for just about every reliable source is that the consoles are fairly similar but the PS4 will be the more powerful of the two due to being a more open platform and Sony doing nothing but listening to developers. If you believe that the Xbox processor will be "significantly" more power (an irrelevant word I might add without comparison and analysis), then you must also believe that the Xbox will only have 5 gigs of ram accessible for gameplay, with the other 3 going to the OS and Kinect. The PS4 only reserves 512 for its OS, and thus games will have access to 7.5. I honestly don't care about 1000 mp3s, I think Sony is being smarter than Microsoft simply by moving things like video encoding off of the main chip, giving it its separate processor and such.

Almost all the Sony stuff is confirmed. Sony knows that they cannot afford to break any promises they make, and they are working from a position of "nothing to lose". Microsoft, on the other hand, seems like it doesn't remember that brand loyalty is fickle at best in today's economy, and with so many sources confirming the specs of the new Xbox as well as this always online stuff, they really need to be careful how they announce this stuff to the public. The fact that they are leakier than the Titanic right now and working from a position of weakness (both competitors have made themself known, MS is still just rumour and they've done nothing to dispel the negative rumours) doesn't help. I'd love for them to come out and announce a gaming machine, but I have more and more doubts every day that that will be happening. It'll just be a system that plays games and has all these other features of which a large number of them will be either gimped or nonexistent outside of the US and UK markets.

As for Gaikai, while the tech may or may not work out, I give Sony all the credit in the world for trying. They went out and bought the company while they were deep in the hole and having to cut off arms and legs to survive, so there must be something there. The tech may need to evolve or it may only work for people with certain broadband speeds, but I think in some way it will ultimately work.

I am truly optimistic about Sony, and the meeting helped reinforce that. Microsoft has never made a console that interested me even for a second, but I hope they don't head down the road they are going down. They may be 3rd 3 gens in a row if they do, and while they were competitive with the 360, competition is good for the industry and losing that footing would be terrible for the industry as a whole.

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