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02-26-2013, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by shifting View Post
I can't stand the Hawks. I have to give them credit though, this streak is impressive.

That being said, this overtime setup is promoting passive play too much in the last stages of the 3rd period. I watched last nights game against the Oilers. 5 minutes left and both teams stopped taking chances. Edmonton didn't want to go for the win to break the streak because every point is important. They aren't that far out of the playoffs.

The Hawks were content with 1 point and the possibility of 2. Both teams are being forced to become accomplices in complacency. At regulation end the Hawks got a standing O from much of the crowd at the Stadium. I understand why, but is this really what the NHL wants?

OT should not guarantee a point. Get rid of shootouts. Switch sides in OT so that each team's bench as it the opposite side of the red line. 4 on 4 for 5 minutes. If no winner, then a tie with 1 point for each team. No points if you lose.
I am not a hawks fan either and am impressed with the streak as well. Now you say being to passive, I would say playing smarter. I mean think of it if you were a coach do you try and take a risk at stealing the two points but possibly loosing and getting none. Or do you tell the guys if you have a chance take it, but think defense first. Its part of how the system is set up. Teams that need to steal that one point in a tied game are going to play like that by default.

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