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What's your gear? GOALIE EDITION

Pads: 37"+2" Litespeed LSP1
Backup/Outdoor Pads: 36" Itech 4.8 X-Factor
Glove: Vaughn V-Lite Pro
Blocker: CCM Blockade Pro
Chestpad: Brown JB1700
Pants: Brown JB2000
Mask: Cohen 100 Pro Kevlar w/ certified cat-eye
Ice Skates: CCM 452
Inline Skates: Bauer 1000 RHG with black Hyper Goalie wheels (outdoors)
Inline Skates 2: Bauer 1000 RHG with blue Hyper Goalie wheels (indoors)
Stick: CCM H6 Brodeur
Jock: Bauer Supreme
Dangler: Vaughn clear lexan

Click below for full size image.

-- George.

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