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02-26-2013, 08:33 AM
pete goegan
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Originally Posted by JacketsDavid View Post
IMO we don't need to win - we need to entertain. As long as we play the right way people will be there.
THe problem of the last 8 seasons or so is the team often didn't show up at all. Nothing like dropping $100 (or whatever) on tickets and having the team go thru the motions with no intensity. The attendance we see today (this season) is a reflection of the past.
Now I agree if we were winning it would cure everything, but this town will support a team that plays the right way.

Also the OSU argument is bad IMO. There is 100k+ there every home game. Doesn't matter if Cooper, Tressell, Urban or my Mom was the head coach. Winning helps but they would sell that place out most years anyways. And unlike the Jackets they won't accept mediocrity, if a coach wasn't recruiting or getting results they would be gone. The Jackets typically take an extra year to make a necessary move.
David, I'm not sure that you're old enough to remember back to the mid-60s, when the Bucks were not great and neither was attendance. The depth of support for them is undeniably deep, but at least some of it is based on continued excellence. A repeat of the fall taken back then and I suspect those 100,000+ crowds will dwindle. Hell, I'm not sure that their greed ( premium games?) hasn't already done damage.

Back on track: win and people will flock to the 'Wide.

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