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Originally Posted by IceAce View Post
Here's a thought, and this may have been mentioned before so excuse me if it has, but why not take the proposed realignment and just swap the two Florida teams with Carolina and Columbus?

The 2 Florida markets would be happy because they now have 3 NY area teams, and Philly who make up a good deal of their transplants, so they should see increased revenue for all home division games. Not to mention they don't have to "fly over another division" to play their road divisional games.

Carolina goes back to their ancestral home, so to speak, in what's basically the old Adams Division, and while Columbus doesn't get Pitt, they do get geographically close rivals in Buffalo and they keep Detroit in their division and then add the 3 Canadian clubs.
I think the two pairs are interchangeable for the most part. Also think Florida and Tampa get enough Leafs, Habs, Bruins, and Wings fans in their building to make it a wash when you consider the Rangers, Flyers, Pens fans that show up. Think it just comes down to them trying to get a Pittsburgh Columbus rivalry going. I don't know firsthand as I do not recall ever watching a Pitt-CBJ game in Columbus, but I read that Pens fans have a huge showing at the games in Columbus. With that in mind, having them in the same division, competing for the same play-off spots, playing 6 times a year and possibly in the play-offs could turn into something. Of course, Columbus actually has to be competitive for that to happen.

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