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02-26-2013, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
You're missing the point, he's been called a generational talent around here.
And I'm happy my diverging opinion is crap and you dont even bring any arguments

Generational talent... AND
Then you compare his HS and vision to Crosby.. DUDE do you get what you're doing here ?

I can't anymore... I just can't...

IDK if it's the fact that he's from QC, from the Q or making incredibly flashy plays but damn guys...

I'm not even trashing the kid.. You guys dont read yourselves
I love him and I'd take him on my team 9032990 times out of 10 and I'd probably take him before Jones. I'm really not bashing him, you guys are thinking out of proportion ... Crosby is elite... Kane has maybe the best passing ability in the game and he actually pulls off incredible plays a la Drouin but against mens in the NHL...

Don't get me wrong I love him too. But just slow down a bit...
When have I called him a "generational talent"?

Comparing his HS and vision to Crosby is legit. He doesn't have Crosby's all around game, motor or net drive though.

I would still take Jones 1st because he can dominate in so many ways. But from awhat I have seen Drouin and Jones are a notch above anybody else in terms of franchise/impact players.

Kane is a very good playmaker, but there are better ones...Giroux Crosby etc

I think Drouin will have a better NHL career than Kane, bigger and stronger, better character(Kane is a bit of a wingnut) and better all around player.

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