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Originally Posted by AndrePetersson View Post
It's up to you on how much you want to believe the stuff that goes around, but it's not possible to refute that there are people on the Sens board that do have sources within the Senators organization that do give us information from time to time.

You may also choose to believe that the organization leaked the information that did come out deliberately to lay a false trail for other organizations that were looking for information on the Sens themselves.

All I'm saying is that we as fans that followed the rumors closely at the time had absolutely zero faith that the Senators were at all interested in picking Couturier. Whether Zib was a last choice consolation prize or a sleeper they were thankful slipped under the radar of the teams picking above them is up for debate.
Fair enough. But I am privy to those same "sources" and none of them were calling Zib. As I noted, it was all about Strome and Landeskog. And there were no leaks re Zib and Couturier - the team was pretty open about both spending the day with the team (they did a promo video even, as I recall). The rest of the guys invited were already drafted, obviously.

You can speculate they were never interested in Couturier all you want, but if they were playing that game they would have been better served to bring in Scheifele, Hamilton and Murphy as well - other players actually ranked ahead of Zibanejad on a lot of boards. That way, teams wouldn't have had as good an idea the team was zeroing in on Mika.

Also, those sources have never been accurate on past or subsequent drafts, so calling them sources when it comes to the draft really has no more substance than what you are I have to say. You can choose to believe the Sens NEVER considered taking Couturier, but that would be based on gut, and no real facts or sources that demonstrated inside draft knowledge at any point in time.

The Sens organization is a pretty professional one and Dorion and Murray don't play games. They really don't believe they invited Couturier without interest in him. Even if it was just to talk to him about his playoffs (as you speculated), that in itself is an indication they were still interested and there was a chance based on that interview, they would take him. Probably a case of one or two of their scouts liking Couturier more, where as the rest wanted Mika, so with respect to those scouts advocating for Couturier, they brought he and Mika in for an up close one one one comparison in terms of intangibles.

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