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02-26-2013, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by birddog View Post
Perspective is everything. Try it sometime. Let me show you how it's done.

First Toronto doesn't need Kadri to be a Selke winner is he is going to be a 70 point player playing 14 minutes a night. Did I mention he's +7?

He's so bad defensively Toronto has dropped to 7th overall in GA/G with Reimer and Scrivens in net.

Of course they could trade for Luongo who has been lights out almost his entire career, except when he falls apart mentally and lets in a bunch. How do you think that is going to tanslate in Toronto considering Vancouver is a far superior defensive club?

Of course, it's also important to remember that Luongo is 34 and if he comes to the Leafs his services will most likely be needed in about 3 years when they are ready to challenge for a cup. One must wonder how good he'll be then if he's showing cracks now.

Not to mention Toronto will need to give up significant assets putting their rebuild back a couple years.

Then of course is Luongo's contract which the Leafs will be forced to eat even if he retires.

There's a reason Luongo is still a Canuck. Fact is no one wants to pay the price and absorb that contract.

The UFA market is ripe with goalies this summer. Half the contract of Luongo will get almost any of them. Since Leafs aren't winning the cup this year -- wouldn't it make sense for them to wait rather than give up a truckload of young players and picks? I mean, it makes sense and all, but I sure do like your idea of trading our best young player and the leading scorer of our team, so we can blow it up and take a run at the cup. I just hope Luongo can carry a much inferior team to the cup before he blows up. Also, wonder if he gives up 8 in Vancouver -- would he give up 12 here?

I hope this makes sense to you and other Vancouver fans cause I can't underline how stupid it would be for a rebuilding team to give a chunk of their youth for an aging Luongo. Not to say he wouldn't help but there are better options out there for rebuilding clubs.
I'd say that this puts the situation in perspective perfectlly. Great post.

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