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02-26-2013, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by TheBabysitter View Post
Gionta in the cancer of this team, greedy little ***** who takes any shots at any given time, doesn't use his speed, no drive to the net, no dekes, no nothing! his acceleration is crap too. Worst part hes making 6mill on Canadiens Cap . I've said this last year that he was cancer of the team too. You can see Plekanec getting frustrated many times with him...there was a 2on1 where Gionta should've passed the puck and he had Plekanec talking to himself afterwards, looking very angry.
Ironically, it is you who needs a baby-sitter. The ignorance in your post is quite alarming. Gionta hasn't been playing well, that's for sure. But you want us to believe that the captain of one of the best teams in the league so far this year is the cancer of the team?

Also, greedy? Seriously? He is a scorer, he is supposed to shoot. He doesn't have the greatest vision nor passing skills out there, so why shouldn't he use his shooting skills to try to score? Not much has changed in his game, except off-timing.

And stop with the nonsense, you are making things up. Plekanec is not frustrated with Gionta, his good friend and captain. Nor would Plekanec display his frustration at anyone on the team any-ways, at-least not publicly.

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