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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
Great explanation and a good idea, too.

But, what if you had:

Adams: 1) Montreal 2) Ottawa 3) Boston 4*) Toronto 5*) Detroit
Patrick: 1) Pittsburgh 2) New Jersey 3) Tampa Bay 4*) Florida
Norris: 1) Chicago 2) Nashville 3) St. Louis 4*) Dallas
Smythe: 1) Anaheim 2) Vancouver 3) San Jose ??

I am not looking at standings right now, but let's assume it's (for the Adams and Smythe)

1Montreal 2Anaheim
3Ottawa 4Boston
5Vancouver 6San Jose
7Toronto 8Detroit

I am assuming you are suggesting that the Anaheim/San Jose pairing hold.
So, it's:Montreal v Detroit; Anaheim V San Jose; Ottawa v Toronto; Boston v Vancouver???

Now let's say Boston wins, and Montreal, Toronto and San Jose:
Then: 1Montreal, 2Boston, 3San Jose, 4Toronto.
So, it's Montreal v Toronto, Boston v San Jose?

Let's say Montreal and Boston win. Now, what happened in the other 2 conferences? Presumably, we have something like Chicago and Rangers. But, it could be Chicago and Nashville. Do you Re-seed? Then, you could get Boston v Chicago and Montreal v Nashville. And, finally, Boston v Nashville. Keep in mind the Bruins could be facing Colorado here also.

So, Boston needs, by chance, to win 4 series out of TZ. 2 of them with PTZ. 1 with MTZ? (Col), and 1 CTZ to win the Cup.

Now, I like this system. I really do. 4 wild cards is good to me. But, it does leave this kind of a thing as a possibility. And, you can't fix it by linking the 2 ETZ conferences either, because then you have 8/14 and 8/16.
Yeah, the possibility of a cross-country series is present whenever you deviate from a strict 4 teams from each conference. But, it would be a MAXIMUM of 1 such series each of the first two rounds. In the above example, Montreal and Boston would advance with 1 Patrick team and 1 Norris team, so Boston would play no more than 3 series out of TZ.

The alternative wild-card situation where 4 plays 5 within the same conference doesn't really help the situation, because those eastern slots are still going to be more difficult to get into and that 4v5 matchup may be grossly unfair. MAYBE it would help if it was the worst #4 and the best #5 from either Eastern conferences, because that would still prevent cross-country series until the SC Semis.

Originally Posted by Icedog2735 View Post
The way I interpreted the latest info was that out of the 18 non-automatic qualifying teams, the 4 with the most points would make the playoffs. From there, I would assume that the league would put each team in their own conference's 4-team playoffs where possible. You would end up with an odd match-up every once and a while but I don't think it would be as drastic or as complex as some here are making it seem.
My rudimentary math says (assuming a wild card has an equal chance to be from any conference and no more than 5 per conference) there is a 5/18 chance that it occurs in a given year, and thus a 5/144 or about 1/29 chance that a given first round series will have a Smythe team playing against one of the ETZ teams. The chance a given team, like Boston, is involved in such a series in a given year is 1/58; for Vancouver or another Pacific team it is a 1/25 chance each year.

Another simple solution, though one that is not completely fair, is to lock the Pacific/Smythe division at 4 playoff teams. That way any cross-conference series those first few rounds is not going to be so far away timezone-wise. [I still think Detroit and/or Columbus are better fits for the Central than Colorado is.]

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