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02-26-2013, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Brogosian View Post
The way I see it, no one is forcing you to buy the product. If you don't think it's worth 10 bucks, then vote with your wallet.

I for one don't mind the production value and even if I did, I watch for the game, all the rest is just details.
I am voting with my wallet which was my entire point. Its not even production valueas much as it's the fact that we are the only Canadians who pay to watch their hockey team and its not because the Jets need our money it's because they're able to exploit our passion/desire for hockey. TV is a dying medium, in 2012 you're going to have to offer me more than "pay or you can't watch" to convince me to spend my money, especially at 10$ a month for half a season. That's porn channel expensive. (when honestly it's more, you can't get JUST the Jets channel, you need basic cable, digital receiver etc.)

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