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Originally Posted by BrawlFan View Post
MoO I havent seen a post from you in a while!

Honestly I dont care about anything from this player other than if he can score in crunch time (like the gold medal goal). When healthy we can get into the playoffs if he's an average player but to me he has the potential to score goals when you need them.

Take a look at the NYR game. The team was distraught and had no confidence along with an inability to score. We get a PP (which we are doing terrible on btw) and Zibby roofs a shot on arguably the best goalie in the league. One shot scorer in crunch time. Next game he scores a game tying goal when the team needed it as well.

I was rarely a beleiver in Zibby and have been harping for Cout's all along but right now he is the better player. Zibby is playing big minutes and is sound defensively and is really Ovie-lite-lite. When comparing both players at full potential, right now I'm giving it to Zibby.
You haven't been looking hard enough man. I've taken my Karlsson man crush and Ottawa homerism to obscure threads in the Swedish/Finnish/Russian boards in hopes of global Sens fandomination. But seriously, not quite around as much.

Ya know, you might get what you're hoping for. He's explosive off the mark, something most players have to learn and train for and often get marginal, albeit extremely helpful, gains. So it kinda takes his ability to make plays out of nothing all over the place. Whether it's being first to the net to get a rebound, whether it's getting passed a defensemen to tip a puck on net. Or pouncing on a loose puck in the neutral zone. Etc etc etc. We've seen him do these things.

He's also gonna fill out.

I think he's got an abundance of realizable upside. There's things about him that made him very NHL ready (size and speed/quickness), but he's also a player that should gain a lot from coaching and filling out his frame. So in one sense he's NHL-ready but on the other, kinda raw as well. I think people wanted to say he's one or the other, but depending on how you look at it, he's both.

As a player built like a powerforward, he's got higher end skill to be a 30-30 first line power forward that leans on people and is tough to deal with around the net. I say 30 goals because ever since he's gotten to Ottawa, he's shown an ability to score in a variety of ways. Very important.

And then there's the odd flash down the wing, that off wing one footed wrister he puts between the legs of the defender that shows you he was 14-15 once and really wanted to be Alex Ovechkin when he grows up. He doesn't have the extent of raw physical talents that Ovie had, but I bet he'll grow up, fill out and be a more disciplined professional.

And I don't care if I come off as a ***** saying this, I had a hard time understanding how most people doubted this player. He's always been a 1st line talent...and if he's not there yet, and that's reasonable to say, he likely will be over the next 2-3 years.

Above all else, I'm surprised how much more composed he's been with the puck. Not high end in this regard, but for a power forward with his skill set and's adequate. More adequate than I thought.

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