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02-26-2013, 09:20 AM
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I am wondering what you are all watching when Hainsey is on the ice. Do you watch him at all? I don't live in Winterpeg but I KNOW most of you are watching the TSN Jets coverage. It is terrible - you miss what happens on the ice all of the time - check the away feeds and you'll see what I'm talking about. I won't even mention the play by play guys.

I stopped counting but in the first period ALONE in the Philadelphia game, Hainsey coughed up the puck 6 times in his own zone in ONE PERIOD. If I did this twice, I would have been benched playing junior. This was due to (i) a missed pass taken, (ii) a missed pass given and/or a (iii) lack of effort to get into the corner to fight for the puck. This was one game yes, but it is a COMMON occurrence.

He was okay last year. This year, he looks like Byfuglien, trying to direct traffic from the front of the net while his defensive partner can do the dirty work. This happens every game. I'm getting tired of watching Postma and Stuart kill themselves on the ice while their defensive partners are watching the play. Byfuglien is guilty of this often leaving Enstrom (out to dry) but now it's Hainsey as well.

Don't believe me? Please watch him when they play the Rangers.

I'm not sure why you think he's a good Dman. Ice time alone does not substantiate your claim. His numbers also don't tell the tale of the tape either. Giveaways are based on errant passes. They do not try to measure effort. He's older, has a large contract and not physical. I'll give you that he is a smart player because he doesn't take numerous penalties but that is hardly a reason to keep this guy around.

People on HF overvalue their own players but please be realistic. If they resign him to a one year deal, I've lost faith in Chevy. We are a below .500 team and if resigning old players is the status quo, we will never get any better. Redmond and Postma (both AHLers) played much better than Hainsey game in and out and are a younger, faster and cheaper option with higher upsides.

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