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02-26-2013, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Good points, especially about filling the roster with players that simply aren't ready.
It really makes things more difficult. It's never a good thing when young players aren't kicking down the door, they're being ushered in the door.

Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
The Rangers will likely ALWAYS have to sign free agents to complete the first line. This utopian concept that the Rangers will be able to develop 10-12 50 point forwards and role 4 lines just isnt feasible. Championship teams always have big time offensive talent to carry the load. Richards and Gaborik are not playing well, but the fact of the matter is they will need to be replaced by players like Richards and Gaborik at the top of their games. Personally, Im not ready to jettison them yet after 17 games.
A healthy Gaborik would have made a huge difference in the playoffs. I'm not sayng they win the Cup if he's was healthy, but I do think they don't go 7 games in the Ottawa and Washington series. Maybe then they're fresher when it came time to play the Devils.

Adding a Nash was a move made as much for the playoffs as it was for the regular season if not more. And I think he's been great when he's been in the lineup.

I too I'm ready to do anything after 17 games. In fact, I'm ready to ride out this season. All these trade talks I think are silly and based more on people want something to talk about more so than what is in the best interest of this team. Clowe? Antropov? Talk based more on name than what the actual player is

Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Theres several problems with this team right now. I have issues with every forward besides Hagelin, the defense has been OK but not the dominant force they were last season - same goes for Hank.
The simple comment is outside of Hagelin, no Ranger forward has played better than they did last season. Maybe Callahan has been the same. But beyond those two, not one player is playing better than last year.

Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Hell, even Tortorella doesnt seem to be the fiery presence he was last season. The injuries have forced guys like Miller and Kreider, who simply aren't ready for consistent NHL action, up in the lineup.
I think Torts has been the same. When you're winning his act comes off as fiery. When you're not it comes off as something else.

But above all, this team isnt comfortable in its own skates - Brooks hit on it in his article today, its an identity problem. Too many players pulling in different directions - some strictly struggling, some afraid to make a mistake, some who should be in the NHL. Dont ask me how this gets fixed, but its need to.[/QUOTE]

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