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Originally Posted by magix View Post
Got to laugh at the people who are disappointed with a 19 year old player who is adjusting to smaller ice and was coming off some health issues the past year. He isnt really a hossa type guy where he will dominate the opposing team with his puck possession in their end. Nor do I understand the michalek comparison, michalek is a talented grinder who has a knack for scoring when he is near the goal crease. The only resemblance zibanejad has to those guys are his size and speed.

Personally I see zibanejad in his prime being the most dynamic player outside of karlsson/spezza on the sens. He will probably be the best defensive forward and goal scorer when he fills out and gains more experience, we have already seen flashes of him being able to read the play and steal pucks or cause turnovers in the opposing team's. His hockey IQ was the only doubt I had and no longer have. He has a great shot, and has shown signs of his physicality hence the OV comparisons. No where near the goal scorer or dominance OV had in his prime, so this is strictly a stylistic comparison (as I know there are ******* on this board who need statements like the above to be specifically detailed).

This is a clear cut assessment, filled with qualifiers to ensure it's clearly understood.

I've always said Michalek with more tools. His frame and stride isn't very different. But Mika's got more scoring tools, Michalek's pretty gotta burst in alone with the goalie to score...which he can do pretty well. It's also why he's streaky. Even in his young days, Michalek would just constantly break underneath and get alone with the goalie.

Mika can do that, and more. Whereas Michalek may hit 30 goals sparsely through his career, I think Mika will do it more.

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