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02-26-2013, 09:51 AM
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I am glad I am not alone.
Originally Posted by Mowzie View Post

Not sure why everyone is so fascinated with Zeb though, I dont mind the concept of the feud, but I'm just not buying what theyre selling. Swagger's "we the people" doesnt make any sense to me.

Main event was the best wrestling match I've seen on free TV since getting back in to wrestling last year. I was hoping the match would end with both men being counted out or unable to continue, but they obviously have different plans for Punk.

For Wrestlemania then, there are still a lot of top end guys without anything going on. I hope they bring back the MITB match for WM and scrap the PPV.

Brad Maddox is a gem, he is so far ahead of anyone not named Dean Ambrose on the mic, I hope WWE realizes what they have in him.

The Shield is great, but I'm really starting to get bored with the booking. Last thing WM29 needs is more recycled matches, but it is looking like Sheamus/Orton/Ryback again. I assume Ryback or Orton turn and join the shield. Ryback needs to not talk anymore, because he sucks at it, so maybe insulating him with Ambrose and Rollins can let him just wrestle without needing to grip a mic.

Great show, and there was no Taker, Jericho, Rock or Big Show, that's saying something.

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