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02-26-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Bozak View Post
what do you expect though? We simply are different. We are. We are in a different country... They should 100 percent be being attention to all the american teams first. Canadians don't have as much access to ESPN as americans do as it is nationally televised their so they should 100 percent focus on those teams first. The first half of TSN shows all canadian content. First Leaf highlights, followed by all NHL Canadian teams, followed by Raptors etc. Only then in the 2nd half of the show does TSN show US teams only because that's all that is left to show. If there were 29 canadian teams and 1 American team it would be the same... I'm actually surprised how much Jays info there is on ESPN. I would say there is quite a bit of attention on the Jays though considering all they have done.
I expect them to talk about the team they said they're about to talk about.

It really should have nothing to do with being a Canadian team or anything. If they stated they're going to preview the Blue Jays as a team and then proceeded to talk almost solely about a player on a team other than the Jays, then that's extremely poor broadcasting period.

Sure, in Canada, if there was one American team in hockey, there'd be very little attention paid to that team, but I can tell you I'd be the first person all over, say, TSN if they had a 30-team preview show and proceeded to talk all about a Canadian team when the American team's timeslot in the preview came up. I'd honestly feel cheated and like I wasn't given what I was promised, which was a 30-team preview of the league.

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