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02-26-2013, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Who will take his place? If there was a legitimate option to replace him, I would consider it. But there is no one realistically in the organization at this point and no one IIRC that is going to be a free agent this season. This means trade or go with Joe Schmo for at least a year.

I think if he craps out the rest of the season, and there is someone there to replace him, buy him out. If he plays well or Boosh is our option at starter next year, you gotta keep him (unless the Flyers are planning on tanking for a couple years, which I doubt).

BP1974 is right, Bryz is the reason the Flyers aren't in an even worse position than they currently are. He hasn't always been pretty and he has slowed down a bit, but this team could be staring at even less points if Bryz wasn't playing the way he was.
Unfortunately we have to use the buyouts when they are available. He has to be bought out, regardless of his replacement.

There are "serviceable" stopgaps (Theodore, possibly Nabokov) or perhaps we could trade for one of LA, STL, OTTs glut of Goalies.

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