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Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
Hainsey (...)

1) You're right, Hainsey has effed up sometimes. So has Enstrom, Byfuglien, Stuart, Clitsome, Redmond, Postma, Letang, Doughty, Lidstrom, etc etc... keep in mind that psychologically we natural allow confirmation bias can cause certain moments to be magnified in your memory and experiences.

2) a) There's a reason why certain players get more minutes, and there's a reason why certain players get tougher minutes with match-ups and how often they get started in the D-zone.
b) Side point, Hainsey getting the toughest assignments isn't only a sign of trust, but also causes a domino effect with perception in how his mistakes are magnified by having higher calibre opposition pressuring him and that his job is actually harder than a lot of the guys you compare him to.

3) I watch streams (I live in Van) so many times I have to have the away feed. Which is just as (sometimes more, sometimes less) biased but in the other direction...

4) Postma and Redmond have greater upside... well ya because Hainsey is old and is past the point of having an upside... doesn't mean he isn't currently better than someone. The problem is that most scouts have Postma and Redmond's upside being Hainsey, a legit #4. Postma, Clitsome and Redmond have been sheltered and babied by Noel from harm. I mean... do they even lift?

If you search it, there is an analytical breakdown of how Hainsey is a legitimate top4 (written by me). While stats don't pain the whole picture they do give the results and to have top4 results when having the toughest assignment for the Jets is decent. Besides, if the results are positive you don't really have much to complain about except for technical nuances, subjective preferences, and minor details that don't really mater much.
Yes, he is the Jets' weakest link by far in the top4.
Yes, his spot and Welly/Mittens' are the spots I'd love to upgrade.
But, AHL calibre? Waiver wire?

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