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02-26-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
Unfortunately we have to use the buyouts when they are available. He has to be bought out, regardless of his replacement.

There are "serviceable" stopgaps (Theodore, possibly Nabokov) or perhaps we could trade for one of LA, STL, OTTs glut of Goalies.
He absolutely does not HAVE to be bought out. His contract is bad. Too long and too much money. But that alone is not reason to buy someone out. That could put you in a similar situation for the same amount of time. You buy him out, then you have a bunch of stopgaps for the next seven years, none of which are very good, but have better contracts. Great. That fixes nothing. You have a chance to get a franchise goalie somehwere in there, but there is also a chance that Bryz gets hot and stays hot.

Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
There are comparable (or better) options available via free agency this year. Most/all of which would cost less than Bryz and require a lesser contract term than the 7 years remaining on Bryz after this yr.
Not really. (see below)

Tim Thomas is one legitimate option and he is unquestionably better than Bryz.
Thomas is not legitimate at this point. He will be 39 going on 40 and out of hockey for a year. He may be worth a risk if Bryz is bought out, but he 100% is not a legitimate option. Stopgap at best.

Niklas Backstrom is the premium option out there.
This is probably true, but his injury history is concerning and he will probably be a high cap hit.

Nabokov and Khabibulin are both older goalies who would likely get 1 year deals for ~2.5M or less and both are in situations right now where their teams are even worse defensively than the Flyers, yet both consistently post better #s than Bryz.
This also may be true, and I would be interested in Nabby a lot more than Khabiblin.

Mike Smith, the Coyotes goalie who has posted better #s there than Bryz did, is a free agent.
No worries that he is suffering from the same inflated numbers that everyone says Bryz had in Phoenix?

Ray Emery is playing quite well for the Blackhawks and will be a free agent.
Been there, done that. He is one injury away from being out of hockey.

Looking at that list I see Backstrom, Nabby, and to a lesser extent Mike Smith as possibilities.

Nabby is 100% a stopgap. He may suffice for a year, but he is another one who will be 38. So at best you are looking at two years of an aging goalie, at which point we will be looking for another replacement.

Backstrom will likely be looking for a good chunk of change and his injuries scare me. If he would sign here I think I would be ok buying out Bryz, but again you are taking a risk by buying out Bryz then missing out on Backstrom. As we saw last offseason, the real world is different than NHL13...not everyone will sign with you because you make them an offer.

Mike Smith's NHL numbers are not all that staggering. He's putting up good numbers in Phoenix, but so did Bryz. I am not entirely convinced that he is the goalie we are looking for either.

Emery is playing well, but again he is one misstep away from being out of the game all together, which is why he wasn't re-signed in the first place. I'm not so sure the Flyers would consider him after they already let him walk.

Essentially what we have is a number of goalies who would leave us looking for another goalie in a couple years, or signing a new guy to a potentially high cap hit contract. Six of one, half dozen of the other: Keep Bryz and you have an up and down goalie for the next 7 years or so who may or may not play well enough to get us a Cup or sign a bunch of up and down stopgap goalies and hope one turns into a guy that can play well enough to get us a Cup.

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