Thread: Speculation: It's Time to Tank: Who Gets Moved
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02-26-2013, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by FrolikFan67 View Post
as much as id love to make the playoffs and all, it would reallllllly help us longterm to get a top pick this year and draft one of the top forwards.
-get a top pick and draft either mackinnon, barkov, monahan, or lindholm in that order. want drouin the most actually but will probably get taken top 3, which probably goes the same for mackinnon, and i dont see us getting a top 3 pick, top 8 is where im aiming.
-if we can draft one of those top 4 centers in this draft, trade kulikov for a "top line" winger, preferably a rw. perron or pavelski or someone along those lines.
-resign mueller
-trade versteeg and goc for a defenceman.
-buyout upshall and jovo.
-trade kuba if possible (nmc), if not then he'll play on the 3rd line.

Huberdeau-draft center-kulikov trade

versteeg trade-sign a free agent

resign theodore to a 1yr deal

i really hope mueller can continue playing well. he was a high draft pick, started off promising, ran into the concussion issues but now hes good and still young. hes hard on the forecheck, skates hard, has a lethal wrist/snap shot. i really hope he scores more goals and continues the success and be able to be the full time 2nd line rw, trade kuli for a 1st line rw, and trade versteeg for defensive help. and draft one of the big 4 center in this draft of course :D we'd actually have a lot of cap space, we could possibly make a run at perry and keep kulikov. with shore, bjugstad both being very cheap. bergy under 3, kopi at 3, flash at 4.5, mueller hopefully under 4 but possibly 4 or slightly above, huby at 3.2, a guy like barkov or mac or lindholm would be cheap as well and could potentially play next year.

I'm starting to believe that Fla fans have no idea what they want.. Seriously, were having discussions about trading our top line as well as Kuli??? We won't go anywhere as a team nor will Tallon be able to sign any free agent, let alone a top free agent, if we start trading away players we signed a year prior. We all were moaning about Tallon resigning Steeg and Kuli and now we want to trade them?? No, I don't think so. That won't do a darn thing for us in the long run. I am all for tankin at this point because from what other posters on here have mentioned, those top draft choices could help out tremendously but we need more help! I like Flash,I like Steeg, and I like Kuli. These guys will bring us success and I think they can be part of the core. We have the 1st like from last season, which isn't doing well now due to injuries and a messed up season, but they still have talent and chemistry when given the time. Shore,Hubs,and Mueller look great. Bjugstad will be here. Howden should be here. Who knows about Bergy, but he's got talent. Petrovic, Markstrom, maybe Robak will stick. The 2013 draft pick. Any free agents Tallon's picks up.. I think we need to be patient and let Tallon do his magic. No more signing players to contracts ( other than Jovo,Clemmer,and Upshall, because they can go) and then trading them the next season. They need time to gel and work as a unit.

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