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02-26-2013, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by LarryO View Post
I got an Easton E700 and put a Bauer Re-AKT cage on it. It's the lightest combination you can get. I put a small cage on a small helmet and the fit is perfect. I noticed you attached the plastic side clips low on the helmet. Did you try them in the upper positon? The cage wouldn't jut out as far.
Well there's two problems with that,

First, the top curve of the 9500 is too narrow and runs into the helmet, so I'd have to stretch it out and then bend the sides back in, which is harder than just squeezing or pulling the cage to fit the clips.

Second, the cage literally went down to the middle of my chin, meaning the cup was in front of my mouth, so it's just the wrong size.

But it sounds like if I went to a larger size, maybe a Bauer would fit...

Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
The J clip placement is way too low on these, I've had a few problems fitting people for the cages because they jut out too much.
It is awkward looking for sure. And the snaps just plain won't work with most cages.

I ended up grabbing an E700 cage for it. The curve on top is shaped to match the helmet so that fits properly now. Funny though I still had to stretch the cage straps all the way to snap to the back. They need to move those up in the future.

Side by side with the FM580, the E700 has a similar outside profile, just a bit different wire layout. It's not as easy to see out as the True Vision but didn't seem so bad. If it sucks I can exchange it.

Also got a large cage. The medium cage just fit for me but I wanted to see how I liked a larger cage. I did run a large cage on my old Intake helmet which seemed to have a similarly awkward screw layout.

Thought the gunmetal black looked a little better than the bright matte steel of the E500. We'll see.



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