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02-26-2013, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by waynson spetzky View Post
Anyone else notice how often Turris falls down? It's the oddest thing. Overall he's a great skater but several times a game he'll randomly catch an edge, or slip, or whatever and he's on his ass.

That's not to knock him or anything, I think he's doing an admirable job given the roll he's been forced to take. The goals will come eventually.
Yep this is noticeable. "Turris falls down" gets called a lot by the play-by-play commentator. At the start of the season it wasn't happening, thought maybe the conditioning over the summer had paid dividends but we're back to him falling down randomly all the time.

One play last night he fell going into the offensive zone, then got back up and fell again when the puck was passed to him (believe it was the 3-on-2 mentioned earlier).

He also complains a lot to the refs during face offs, I don't know if that's rightly so or not tho.

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