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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
There's a bit of a disconnect for how ROR is valued by the Avs but what they want to actually pay him. Either he is worth a boatload of quality players and prospects(he's not) and then they should pay him his salary demands or they're posturing to get the price up as high as possible. I think based on how they haven't signed him his return wont be close to what they're asking.
That's not quite right since the team offered him the same bridge contract given to former 3rd overall pick and 20 year old all star Matt Duchene. Now Ryan was the one coming of his best season while Matt was coming off his worst, but Matt was more impressive and productive seasons 1 and most of season 2, so the team is standing firm on getting a similar bridge deal done now that Ryan has taken such a hardline stance trying to strongarm the team.

Plus it's gotten beyond money at this point, apparently the Avs said something that hurt Ryan's pride when his team came in with a 10 page document about how Ryan was one of the best defensive players of the past 25 years, then he signed in russia for 2 years, which you know pissed of Lacroix and co, and both sides have dug in. Still doesn't mean the Avs don't love Ryan on the ice and aren't wishing he had just followed Duchene's example, signed the bridge deal and went out to prove that they needed to give him a big long term deal.

As for the trade position, this is just my theory but I think the Avs are operating under the thinking that Ryan's value won't drop until well into this offseason when a team won't have to burn one of his RFA years on 20 some games, and more teams will be willing to shake up their rosters or be ready to make a move for a great young top 2 C. So they're in no hurry, and can afford to wait for Ryan to break. Thus the exorbitant asking prices, they Avs are fine with waiting until the summer so in the mean time they're asking for the moon in case someone wants to give it to them, and if no one does they'll wait until the summer, and then try to trade him again if he hasn't broken and signed the bridge deal by then.

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