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02-26-2013, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Grudy0 View Post
The leak may be intentional, to a point.

We've seen a couple of leaks AFAIK. But remember, what has leaked is just as important as what hasn't.

We know that the NHLPA and the NHL have been working feverishly to get a realignment done. We know that in order for a realignment plan, complete with a change to the scheduling matrix and playoff qualification, must:

Gain approval from 20 of 30 teams in a Board of Governors vote
Gain approval from the NHLPA

Therefore, any plan hatched by the League and NHLPA must go through the Board of Governors, which have yet to address a new realignment proposal.

We don't know if there is one realignment proposal between the PA and the League. There could be two. There could be four. There could be twelve. We just know of one proposal, because that is the one that has leaked. And the only details specifically we know of is the alignment, with the assumption that the NHL-approved scheduling matrix is still on, and we don't know the playoff qualification.

And somehow, within all of that, people still believe Quebec should be in the realignment mix? With Gary Bettman as Commissioner, the NHL has yet to move the Jets to a suitable division, did not move the Hurricanes to a different division upon the move from Hartford, did not move the Coyotes to a different division upon the move from Winnipeg, and executed an immediate switch of conferences when the Avs came from Quebec.

It's move first, fix later. It always has been. It always will be.
Not asking a particular status for Qc.

Just saying Gary's plan (put people's focus elsewhere then , maybe Qc city) is working awesome.


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