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Originally Posted by Hockey Team View Post
Why do people stand around in the freezing cold all day on new year eve to watch a stupid ball drop in times square? That's even dumber then sitting in the freezing cold for a few hours to watch a hockey game (Personally I would not want to go to an outdoor game in the middle of winter. I'd rather go to an arena for less money).

It's because the event is a novelty. They sell out the winter classic on the basis that it's the "coolest" game being played all year.

If they had 4 of these things, it wouldn't sell out anymore. People would start being more rational about it saying it's stupid to go sit outdoors in the freezing cold when they can be in a more comfortable arena with better sightlines.
If they had 4, they would still sell out. If they had 1 in NY, 1 in Boston, 1 in Pittsburgh, 1 in Chicago, they would still all sell out. If the same team had 4 in a year, that would be different.

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