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Originally Posted by krazy kanuck View Post
I think the committee will look at Windsor's record post deadline too, but I don't think they'll see it as a positive. Below .500? Sure, there's been some injuries but it's also with the benefit of Aleardi and Khokhlachev and it will be unlikely they have either back.

I'll post an equally biased view from the other perspective. The Colts will also likely return a full defence corps including the best defenceman on either team - Belle River's own - Aaron Ekblad. He can play 30 minutes a night next year in crunch time so the Colts really only need three other guys. Up front Anasthasiou - Hall - Theoret outscore any top line the Spits can put out there and that's assuming that AC doesn't come back. Bradford - McDonald - Lemieux will have to improve, but the Colts also have the following picks in first five rounds of the upcoming draft to deal:

2013 Colts: 1st (once drafted), KIT 3rd, PLY 3rd, OTT 3rd, WSR 4th


2013 Spits: 3rd, SAG 4th, ERI 5th

The Colts will have at least one OA spot and will also have two import spots to fill with an eye to improving what they already have.
krazy kanuck

I did a further analysis re Barrie and Windsor comparative for next yr as it relates to
goals and points returning from the forwards and the defence,points from other teams were not included,ie Theorets from NF,Koekoek and Giftopoulous from Ottawa
Here are the findings
You mentioned that the 1st line for Barrie would outscore Windsor:s 1st line
not true
Barries line of Hall- Theoret- AA- have 54 goals this season,while Windsor"s
line or Vail-Rychel- Giftopoulous has 61 goals
Barries 2nd line od Macdoanld-Bradford-Lemeiux has 33 goals,while Windsors 2nd line
of HoSang-Marchese-Johnson has 37 goals,the colts third line of Scott-Corson-Rymarchuck has 5 goals while the Windsor 3rd line of Verbeek-Studnicka-Graham has 4 goals
The total number of pts returning for forwards is Barrie 220,Windsor-259
You will I included 2 O/As up front for Barrie Hall/Theoret to return although I expect Theoret to be signed by the Islanders for next yr,which would make the scoring a little more challening
For Windsor only included 1 O/A forward Giftopoulous,allowing for at least 1 more O/a
forward which I expect would increase the scoring upfront

On defence the numbers are as follows,in Barrie"s case I allowed for Lepkowski to the 3rd and final O/A while Windsor I went with the 9 possible returnees with no O/A considered
Barrie"s 7 D-men projected to return next year have only scored 8 goals this year,Eckblad has 6 of them while Windsors 9 Dmen have scored 22 goals
In terms of pts from the D,Barrie"s have scored a total of 62 pts,Windsor"s 89

Goaltending,I projected Pavelka and Dekort returming for Windsor,with Pavelka taking up an O/A spot/Euro, and Fontinos as the only returnng goalie at the age of 18,same as Dekort
At the end of it all Windsor was left with 1 O//A to use ,Barrie was allowed for their 3
In conclusion, the stats total wise and comparative wise lineup on Windsor"s side
Numbers dont lie as they say,roster wise the Spits have 2 goalies,9 D and 10 forwards returning including 2 projected O/As,while Barrie has 1 goalie,7D and 9 forwards returning including 3 projected O/As
This combined with the perceived infrastructure concerns re Barrie makes me
come to the conclusion that Windsor"s bid trumps Barrie

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