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02-26-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by LaGu View Post
In a way I suppose the answer to that is yes. But you need to take into account that Omark has been hyped in Swedish media for several years. That, together with his non-success in the Oilers, is probably the most accurate explanation why many Swedes still care and, to a certain extent, hold a grudge.

It is important to understand that many Swedes are not actually fans (in my definition anyway) of any specific team in the NHL. They follow and cheer for Swedish players playing in the NHL and the team of their choice in normally one with either many Swedish players (most popular team in Sweden is Detroit, Ottawa's "fanbase" is growing fast) or with Swedish players who have been, or are being, hyped (sometimes correctly) by the media.

Edmonton basically didn't exists for Swedish fans before Paajarvi and Omark except for old-timers remembering the Gretzky era. I honestly admit that despite considering myself an Oilers fan (or rather Gretzky fan...) for some years before it was actually the arrival of Kent Nilsson that solidified my support for this team (even though he was only here for very short time).

I guess the point I am trying to make is that it is not a bad thing for the Oilers to gain new supporters even if many of them see it more like "one-night-stand" than a long term commitment. Many come and go but there are always a few that take a liking to what they see and remain supporters despite the fact that the reason of their interest has left the building (like me, post -88).

EDIT: Oh, and a second thing (although I know I may be over reacting here)... I am still fairly new to these boards but I didn't expect so many posters labeling any Swede who has had anything positive to say about Omark as an pro-Omark fanatic. They do exist but don't think there's more than a handful (easily identified imo) of them. It has annoyed me since I came here (and still does) that more posters chose not to acknowledge this but rather keep generalizing the opinions of certain supporters.
And vice versa as well. Some of the Swedish posters need to remember that most Oiler fans wanted Omark to succeed and there was a lot of anticipation and excitement to bring Omark to NA.

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