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02-26-2013, 10:53 AM
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3 games this week starting tomorrow with SSM. Could be another long week for the Wolves. Curious if Cull will change up the lineup. Not liking Kantor as a center. He is a natural winger. Don't get me wrong...he is an amazingly hard worker but is not a puck mover. Believe since he received the C - and well deserved - he is trying to do too much. He has just been trying to take it end to end and has been losing the puck in the neutral zone causing turnovers.

However, I don't think last weekends schedule helped. Especially the Kitchener game at 2 PM after a Friday night game at home. 5-6 hours sleep Friday and you never really catch up...but it is a part of the game. I certainly did not see anything in the tank for Sunday's game.

Not seeing a ton of chemistry amongst the lines. Even the PP #1 of Campagna, Pancel and Baptiste look out of sink now that they are not playing on same line rest of game.

Hope Raine and Corbett return soon to add experience to the back end.

Heard that McFadden has enrolled in school up in Sudbury so would assume he is staying through end of year...good for him, but unfortunately inexperienced players.

Hate to question the off-ice conditioning of the players...too many getting hurt (again) at end of year. This is the time of year when you want to be able to keep your position in the standings...maybe push a little harder to go higher and play a more suitable team in 1st a few players you will need in the playoffs (limit their ice time to a degree). Believe that injuries are partly the result of too much skating (one activity) and not enough of strengthening those muscles needed to stay strong.

8 game left - 4 at home/4 away.


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