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Originally Posted by Bocephus86 View Post
This is going to sound silly but please confirm: Was CS_DAM the very old map in the dam where you'd rescue hostages? I remember playing that level like 12 years ago and could never find it again when I picked CS up again in highschool (~10 yrs ago).
Apparently it was a map, but I don't remember it. I started played CS in January 2000 so 12 years ago was probably around the time it went retail (November 2000). So if anything it would have been some sort of custom map.

Looking at how fast it went from beta 5 to retail is crazy. Beta 5 came out at the end of December 1999 (5.2 was the more stable version that came out a couple weeks later), it went through Beta 6, 6.5 (new netcode and first version after teaming up with Valve), and 7, all within 11 months before going retail. If you remember the M4 having a scope + silencer and the SG-552 being on both teams then you remember beta 5 and prior.

I remember I used to play TFC before CS and people would come into TFC games talking about how great CS was. So I remember trying it out back then and playing it for a year or so steady until I moved on to Firearms mod. I think I stopped playing around version 1.3 (which happened to be the version that they removed bunny hopping) so that was about 21 months later. I know of a lot of beta players that left around that time because the game was so much different than the game we had originally played back when we started. Beta 5 was really the version that pushed the game to a new level of popularity and it just took off after.

I actually preferred the game before Valve got involved, but obviously Value has since taken the game to a level that no other game could touch. The game was still insanely popular before Valve, but I doubt it would still be around today if not for Valve.

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