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02-26-2013, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Soundgarden View Post
I don't know why people keep suggesting Nashville to the SE, Winnipeg to the NW. That is essentially the same problem you had with Columbus and Detroit. Winnipeg fans do not want to be with Calgary and Vancouver, and Nashville fans don't want to be in a different time zone and be with Florida, Carolina or NY. It'll be fine the way it is.
Why are so many people here complaining about 1 Time Zone difference. Truly, that is Nothing. Chicago, St Louis, Nashville, they'd all be happy to have Detroit in their Division, 1 TZ away. Vancouver wouldn't want to give up the Alberta teams, 1 TZ away. Detroit and Toronto would likely be happy if they could add Chicago into a Division with them. Dallas would still probably cheer to be in a Division with teams only 1 TZ away. Nashville and Atlanta would probably have like to have been in a Division together.

If whatever the new alignment is only has a max of 2 TZs in any particular Division then that's a big plus over the current situation, and it's nothing to be griping about if in a crossover matchup that might happen a team might have to play against a team only 1 TZ away.

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