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02-26-2013, 11:09 AM
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=RayzorIsDull; which is what you really want a guy who can play the game both ways and provide toughness Ryan (1 cup). .[/QUOTE]

....Sorry I laughed really hard here, I mean i like Kenny Ryan he hustled hard and played a great two way game but he wasent a tougher guy lol, he got in 5 or 6 fights in his OHL career and he played in over 150 games, he threw his body around here and there but wasent a guy to get in a fight. And i dont think anyone thinks we need 3 or 4 fighters BUT its a Luxury to have that guy EVEN IF he dosent get alot of shifts hes on the bench and the opposing team knows that if there going to take runs at are better players there going to have to deal with a guy like Bilcke, I mean look at Toronto and i hate them but theyve got alot more toughness on there roster and its showing with the most fights and hits along with a pretty solid record there a more scary team to play against and its creating room for guys like Kessel and Kadri... I dont know why your so against having a tough guy? like i said even if hes a fourth line player and only gets 4-6 shifts if he goes out and crash and bangs, be physical, and drop the gloves here and there they are useful, they will help ref the game...[/QUOTE]

I mean toughness as going into the corners and doing the dirty work, killing penalties and chipping in goals here and there, he played an industrious style that should be valued more than say a guy like Bilcke and what he provides. I am against having a tough guy when you have another one on the team in Clark who takes up an OA spot and provides very little value. After seeing this team the last 2 years I think team toughness has been a bigger priority than acquiring talent that can help the team score goals and win games. It took until January for Rychel to finally start acquiring talent.

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