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02-26-2013, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Soundgarden View Post
I think your missing the point. Colorado doesn't want to play in the Pacific, Nashville doesn't want to play in the eastern time zone, and for some reason you have them with the north east instead of the south, Columbus and Detroit both want to be in the west.

The whole thing is basically because of time zones. This proposal moves Dallas, Colorado, Winnipeg, Detroit, and Columbus into divisions that actually help them. Your proposal is just creating the same problems.
You're making up things, aren't you. Where have you heard that Colorado didn't want to be in that Pacific Division/Conference, which btw includes all the other MTZ teams? For Colorado, it probably doesn't really matter a whole lot whether they're in the Pacific of the Central. They're now proposed to be in the Central simply because there was a vacancy that had to be filled because both Columbus and Detroit were put into eastern Conferences.

Amd as for Nashville, LOL... they were part of the 3-way fight in 2011 to take Atlanta's spot in the SE Division. Almost any of those CTZ teams would be happy to be added in with those ETZ markets.

Don't be filling posts with fairy tales just to bolster your argument.

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