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02-26-2013, 12:18 PM
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I'm still not a big fanof the HHH Lesner segment, not because it didn't look and feel awesome, but because I think at the end of the way it was just more HHH BS that pretty much put Lesner in the backseat.

We know at the end of the day Lesner is going to lose this feud with the McMahon family, its just the way it is.

The way to build it up to me though would have been for HHH to come out for revenge and get some shots in, then gets absolutely destroyed by Lesner. You establish Lesner as a monster that HHH has to be able to rise up to beat, not as guys on at the best equal footings, or at worst as last night showed that a retired 40 some odd year old pot bellied executive can take everything that Lesner can give out and come back for more.

It was stupid ego booking again. Like I said the bust open looked cool, but would have looked cooler if Lesner had prevailed.

The Shield did a much better job on the mic this week, before Elimination chamber they did a promo that actually sucked the energy out of an arena.

That last match was epic and feature two guys that knew that they weren't going to face each other again for a long time so they basically did everything that they wanted to do in a blow off match. Cena pulled every card out of his pocket and put it on the table and Punk was entirely unselfish in that match. It was great.

Where Punk goes from here is the question, while I think the only logic opponent is the Undertaker, I would love to see a heel versus heel Zigglar match with the briefcase on the line.

Speaking of that, Ryback is terrible, absolute garbage, I'm already tired of him, Zigglar had to drag a halfway decent match out of him, but sadly Zigglar has lost all of his heat and become basically the guy that nobody cares about anymore.

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