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02-26-2013, 11:18 AM
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he played an industrious style that should be valued more than say a guy like Bilcke and what he provides.
"should be" according to whom? Who is determining Ryan's value compared to Bilcke's value in the overall picture? They're two very different styles of play.

I am against having a tough guy when you have another one on the team in Clark who takes up an OA spot and provides very little value.
Wait, hold're against having Bilcke because Clark hasn't done enough for you? I'm trying to follow the logic here. If you don't like what Clark has done, fine, but don't blame Bilcke for that. To me, Bilcke has done more than Clark has so far, at least in terms of what he was brought in for.

After seeing this team the last 2 years I think team toughness has been a bigger priority than acquiring talent that can help the team score goals and win games. It took until January for Rychel to finally start acquiring talent.
Okay...prove it.

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