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Originally Posted by henchman24 View Post
They could, but it would be terrible asset management. I'm guessing that the Avs hope is that somebody decides they really need (or panics a bit) and ups their offer to a ridiculous level.
It would also be terrible asset management to give in to these ridiculous demands from O'Reilly, or to trade him for less than he's really worth.

O'Reilly has backed the Avs into a corner with this negotiation. The only options they have are losers for them -- overpay him, trade him for less than he's worth, look weak + overpay other RFAs for a long time, or let him rot. Those are all bad options. Letting him rot is by far the least objectionable -- they look tough in negotiations, they're not overpaying anyone, and they're not getting taken advantage of by another team.

O'Reilly deserves to rot for his stupidity and selfishness in all this. He can't see anything but his own perspective, and it's killing negotiations.

Originally Posted by henchman24 View Post
Letting a #2C just rot and not play for multiple years is throwing away a valuable asset that could just cost Sherman his job in the end. Plus, if ROR was forced to sign a deal like that just to end it, he might not be the happiest camper in the locker room. I'm not saying he would be a cancer, but that possibility would surely be there.
Actually, if he doesn't play this year, the Avs get get another year of RFA. Every year he refuses to play on the front end is another he has to play for us on the back end until he turns 23 -- 2 more years.

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