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Originally Posted by HomaridII View Post
I am not wrong, I just didn't bother since people didn't bother to read what I said, which shows what kinda of people we have in these forums, lol..

Here is the proof:

On a blog from Saturday entitled Gridlock ---

Anson Carter. The Rumor here is that many people didn't think that Peca would even consider the Leafs offer. And Anson Carter really wants to be a Leaf and talks Wednesday went extremely well with the Leafs and Carter, and the Canucks when learning of the range pulled out. This led to speculation that Carter's deal would be finalized or even had been. Now Carter waits for Peca. While he is waiting, the Detroit Red Wings have become a player. Why? well besides liking Carter's game, the Wings need forward depth in order to pull off a trade for a goalie, in which case they would not sign Belfour.

So there you have the gridlock. If Peca signs in Toronto, Carter signs in Detroit, then Belfour may sign in Florida, and The Wings will move a forward to get Giguere, Biron, or Aebischer.

From today ---

Anson Carter is also being looked at by Toronto, and this afternoon I had a source tell me that it was not "an either or situation." "Both players are willing to play in Toronto fro less and the fact that both are coming on board is appealing to the other.

Carter has Detroit, Montreal, and Vancouver still playing the waiting game...

Very obvious what he is saying if you follow his blogs...
I read your post and figured, yep,good explanation,makes sense to me. Then I started to see post after post that seemed to have applied whiteout to your post. I think the biggest media issue these days is our inability to read and understand what's said. Hey, I can do it and I'm not about to split the atom. Read, it can be informative.

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