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Originally Posted by Matzel View Post
Because the league insisted on dictating where its franchises are located. Why should there not be a price tag on that privilege?
Unfortunately one cant even apply the normal mores' of the explanatory components of moral responsibility when it comes to big business & most government. They have become as inapplicable as they are inexplicable. We live in an age where the very idea of accepting responsibility for ones actions are no longer acceptable to a fairly large segment of the population. Owning it, avoidance of penance & payment, making it right idealistic anachronisms. No quarter is given by the NHL. Hardballers with quite the arsenal, plenty of options. Everyone's expendable. They simply open the cargo doors in their C-130's at 15,000 feet, re-shuffling the flight deck & cargo holds, parachuting their "problems" onto a frozen wasteland somewhere else, the miscreants or recipients of their largesse rather than given warm clothes, a compass, map, snowshoes & food, matches, instead stripped naked and handed a tube of Saran Wrap, told "keep warm eh, were rootin for ya... Bombs away". Touchdown in a whiteout, 50 below, soon attacked and ripped apart by packs of wolves. Lovely. Sign me up.

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