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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
Not sure what the causal or even correlational relationship is supposed to be between race and the growth of a professional sports league.

You probably could have removed a couple of words from some of your sentences as follows:

Hockey has fared better in America, relatively speaking, because the hockey fanbase is higher income.

Their fans were disproportionately rich, highly educated people.

You clearly haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about.

Everything I said was true. There are things in the world known as Facts -- you might want to learn some. Different demographic groups in America have different levels, on average, of education and income. Different demographic groups have been affected differently by the Great Recession. Different demographic groups also have different levels of support for various sports.

Only a willfully ignorant person can be unaware of these facts.

Here's a simple example, hopefully you can follow it.

Nascar has been hurt hard by the Great Recession. Nascar's fanbase skews lower-income and white. It doesn't just skew lower income. There are lots of lower income black and hispanic people in the heart of Nascar country who are not fans. If you looked only at income levels you would be unable to understand the Nascar fanbase.

In the same manner, hockey's fanbase in America skews upper-income and white. The richest ethnic group in America today is actually South Asians. Who don't exhibit high levels of hockey support, though perhaps they will in the future.

These aren't immutable traits, but they are current facts. Nascar and hockey have both tried hard to broaden their appeal. With some success, but less than hoped.

Try to be less ignorant and less trigger-happy outragey. smfh indeed.

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