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Originally Posted by henchman24 View Post
So what you are saying is that having no player is better than having a 'bad deal' like MDZ + high end prospect.

I agree the Avs shouldn't overpay, but if it comes down to not having ROR or anybody for 13-14 or a 'bad deal' you have to take the bad deal. Letting a valuable asset sit for 2 seasons will cause a GM to lose their job.
Why do we need a guy for '13-'14? Are we suddenly contending? I doubt it. So why the urgency?

Did Poile lose his job for letting Radulov "sit?" When a player pulls **** like this, you can't blame the GM, especially when there are fair offers on the table. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Originally Posted by henchman24 View Post
It would be 2 years of lost development, and ROR holding out for 2 years would make his value plummet. The a straight swap for MDZ suddenly would look like a great deal.
I agree losing those development years is a bad thing and it will hurt his value to some extent, but it's not like he's going to forget how to play hockey. He'll pick up where he left off when he comes back, especially if he was to continue to play in the KHL. And I consider this likely if he's not signed next summer.

Until he starts burning years of RFA on this holdout, I don't think his value will "plummet." If this holdout gets to that point, THEN it's time to trade him. I would be shocked if O'Reilly didn't break before that.

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