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02-26-2013, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by garry1221 View Post
How do you choose 'the best' 16 teams without playing each and every team in the league exactly the same number of times? Thus resulting in a leaguewide 1 - 16 seeding. If you look through this thread, you'll see the league pretty quicky did away with that scenario. A scenario like that would result in an 87 or 100+ regular season schedule.
Here's the hypocrisy I see here. People want all these Home-and-Home games against every team in the League. And then they argue that those games outside the Conference don't mean anything... 'How can the League possibly choose a Top-16 or a Top-8 if teams only play each other 2 times?'...
So I ask, Why the hell waste some many games in a Season if those games don't serve any ranking purpose??

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