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Originally Posted by bp13 View Post
Taking a critical line, here's a possible scenario for Toronto:

Dickey had a career, almost generational season for a knuckler. Considering Wake is probably the best knuckler of all time (or right there), is it far-fetched Dickey is essentially Wake this year? When you consider he's moving to the AL East as well, a high 3 - low 4 ERA doesn't seem at all far-fetched to me. Add in that Wake never thrived in the Rogers Centre, so maybe it's not the best park for the knuckler. That would make him a #3 this year.

Josh Johnson, another Miami export. Far-fetched at all that he delivers either a Beckett 1st Sox season or any Burnett season? That makes him a #3, maybe. I see this as not only possible but likely, and maybe a best-case.

Buehrle. Moving to the AL East a 1.5 WHIP and low-mid 4 ERA seems very possible to me.

Romero was a trainwreck last season right?

I don't know...I see a decent/not great lineup with a rotation that could be loaded with #3 starters, not unlike what we might see at Fenway this year. I could easily see Toronto as an 78-84 win team.
A lot of talent and a lot of questions.

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