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02-26-2013, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by The CyNick View Post
it could happen though. Its possible under the current structure
That's your recovery response to a fallacious original comment... "It could happen."

In a 4-Conference structure, the 3rd place team in one Conference could have a worse record than the 6th in another. That also could very well happen, and make a top-4 look pretty damn stupid if the League went with a Top-4 Playoff.

Originally Posted by Crayton View Post
Three is good. The more guaranteed spots the better, because each conference is playing the same schedule whereas it is less equitable to compare point totals between teams from different conferences with vastly different schedules.
Two would be better!

Originally Posted by Mike in MN
I fail to see how Montreal flying to Florida is somehow worse than Edmonton flying to LA

Sure, there are a bunch of other teams between Montreal and Miami, but if the Atlantic teams wanna stick together, so be it
Damn, I tried to find the original of that post but I couldn't find it.
Originally I decided to ignore it, but since someone else has agreed with it then I just can't let that stand.

It's one thing that Edmonton and Anaheim might have to be in the same Division/Conference if the League wants to make 8-team groups, but it's quite another to do the same with other teams when there's absolutely no necessity to do it.

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