Thread: Speculation: Winnipeg Jets 2013 Draft Talk
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02-26-2013, 12:15 PM
Joe Hallenback
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Originally Posted by jetkarma View Post
While I think their philosphy is to draft North American as a preference I doubt it precludes drafting talent from elsewhere.

With last year being such a rush , for all aspects , it would not surprise me that True North didn't think they had a strong enough read on players from overseas. If that is true they would have felt it best to draft where they had the strongest conviction. I have to think they will draft a player from overseas this year , we shall see.
I think they want to be careful. That probably means they felt they didn't have the guys in place in Europe that they could trust just yet.

I think they want guys with high end work ethics,good leaders and play with a bit of toughness in their game. I think they are looking at some of there euro guys in the minors and not liking what they are seeing.

I guess if it comes down to Lindholm and Monahan at their draft position I think they draft Monahan because of those things the Jets Value right now.

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