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Originally Posted by Coil View Post
The percentages for Finnish players are terrible indeed, but what must be remembered is that not all players that go over and play in the CHL are highly touted or even drafted to the NHL. There are players like Mika Partanen who were never drafted nor were they especially promising in Europe. That's why players like him make the statistics just a little more unreliable.
The CHL is in fact often an option for players who weren't going to be drafted anyway, so they might as well go over and just MIGHT get a chance in the big league. Jonatan Tanus is a current example of this.

Now, players like Olli Määttä will show us whether the CHL route is good or viable for a European player.
If a Finn has an option to play with London Knights, they should take the chance even if they might get ice time in SM-Liiga. You can hardly argue against with that team's track record.

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