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02-26-2013, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Gordonx11 View Post
You've got to be kidding me, lol. Have a heart man. The guy has been giving 100% every shift for 10 years now. Your just frustrated so your looking for someone or something to blame. Yes i agree he hasent been playing good hockey but it's just a slump. He will come out of it. Every good professional athlete has them.
Please don assume things. I'm not looking for any one person to blame and wrote as much earlier. The whole 'first' line had been flat or injured. Kuba hasn't been working out. Goal tending started well then fell apart. Weaver started slow. Our hardest workers right now have almost no hands or finish and are checkin line guys.

He's not in a slump, though. Guys in a slump struggle getting goals, but they still take shots and put out effort. I'm well aware of Weiss' effort and what he's given to this team. We've seen him play through slumps, injuries, ****** teammate, etc. This is a guy that looks to me, honestly, like he's asked for a trade and hasn't been given one yet. Or, for some reason, was told they weren't re-signing him no matter what, so why try? Maybe to trade him, but
I doubt either scenario.

Don't get it, I don't think for a second it's the captaincy, and if it is, well he's showing why he shouldn't have it. Lecavalier had the captaincy stripped, he played through it, then they won the Cup.

I hope he returns to form, is signed, and will raise the Cup here, but if he's just gonna be gone, especially paying like this? Just go.

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