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02-26-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Crayton View Post
Now compare Colorado in the Central with Detroit/Columbus in the Central. That 123 mile average difference is more than made up for.
Shall I dig up the figures for decreased travel on the part of Dallas, too? And you're not factoring in the fact that the reduction of travel from everyone in the Pacific conference is much greater than the increase from the other Central teams. Additionally, Dallas sees reduced travel with the departure of DET & CLB. So yeah, the other teams see an increase in travel, but the overall reduction of travel (from the Pacific teams; from Dallas) compensates for it.

Originally Posted by Crayton View Post
Well, if you have cross-over series, there really is no longer any reason to have bracketed playoffs. If 6 teams qualify from 1 division, play 3 series between them. Sure you'll still have a cross-over series in Round 2, but you still would have had this had you added needless cross-overs in Round 1.

1 Montreal vs. 6 Tampa Bay (Northeast)
2 Ottawa vs. 5 Detroit (Northeast)
3 Boston vs. 4 Toronto (Northeast)
1 Chicago vs. 4 Dallas (Central)
2 Nashville vs. 3 St. Louis (Central)
1 Anaheim vs. 6 Carolina **cross-country series
2 Pittsburgh vs. 4 New Jersey (Atlantic)
3 Vancouver vs. 5 Los Angeles (Pacific)

3 divisional series and then:
Northeast team vs. Pitt/NJ (if Ana>Car) or Van/LA (if Car>Ana)
Anaheim is a high seed and likely to beat Carolina, so only a minimal chance of a cross-country series here.

In 2010-11, #6 Calgary finished 2 points behind #4 Montreal and #5 Buffalo in the wild-card race. When these teams are playing the same schedule and playing more games against one another, you will find the median of each of the 4 conferences closer to one another.
Hey look! You're the #1 seed! As a reward, you get a cross-continent playoff series where not only must you factor in the cost and drain of travel, but start times are guaranteed to reduce your regional TV viewership!


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